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Life-size standees

From the sent photo, we will make a life-size cardboard figure. Delivery within a week.

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Cardboard figure from a photo

An original and funny gift for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties or other occasions.

  • All you need is a photo from an ordinary smartphone. If you have the opportunity to use a quality camera, only well :)
  • When shooting, try to achieve the best possible lighting conditions.
  • The character should occupy as much of the photo as possible - thus preserving the details for the final print.

We check the photos before printing. If their quality is not sufficient, we will notify you and advise you on what and how to change.


Cardboard figures of celebrities in life size

Delight your loved ones with the cardboard character of a favorite actor or singer in life size.

  • Wide range of cardboard celebrity characters
  • Delivery within 5 days
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Standee pricing

Just send a photo, we will take care of everything else. Before printing, we will send you a preview of what the character will look like.

Standee Mini


  • Up to 60x120cm (w/h)
kartonová postava v životní velikosti

Standee MAXI


  • Up to 130x208cm (w/h)
kartonová postava v životní velikosti

Contact us

You can request a cardboard figure using the form or send us an e-mail.

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